The Articles

Most words on the internet have never been read. By anyone. In the US alone, trillions of words are added to websites every day—mostly by bots or illiterate cats wandering across keyboards. As a responsible writer, I want to reassure the public that I personally read every word (including this one, and this one) that I add to the mass of written content currently occupying precious space on the energy gobbling servers responsible for storing the babbling, gluttonous, word-stuffed virtual landscape we're calling "the web." I do this because I care. If you would like to do your part to validate the existence of my words, just follow any of the self-contained and fairly explanatory links below, which lead to a smattering of the 1000-or-so articles, essays, and interviews I've had the good fortune of selling to various publications since that transformative encounter back in 2008 when an enchanted drop cloth appeared before me during a morning walk through a eucalyptus grove in Berkeley, and told me I would be an arts journalist.

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