the podcasts

I was born in Indianapolis. Even though I don't live there any more, my voice is sometimes broadcast over the local airways on 99.1 FM WQRT, a non-commercial, experimental art, music, and community project by Big Car Collaborative. Because of the magic of technology, even people who don't live within reach of WQRT's transmitters can hear my radio shows live on WQRT.ORG, assuming said people possess internet access and a device capable of playing audio streams from websites, and assuming there's nothing else they'd rather be streaming, which I realize is highly unlikely given the amount of audio content being broadcast on the internet at any given moment. That's why, after they air, I turn my shows into podcasts, so people with too many streaming options can come back and listen to them whenever they like. If you want to listen to one of my radio-shows-turned-podcasts, click one of the fancy boxes below and get ready to rock.

Apocalypse Mixtape - with Phillip BarcioArt Racket #1 - with Phillip Barcio and Clare RojasArt Racket #2 - with Phillip Barcio and Tommy GuerreroGarageland Radio - with Phillip Barcio and his nephew Austin